English and German studies

English and Anglo-American languages, literatures and cultures – in particular: texts, authors and cultural aspects of the early and late modernity; relationships between the Italian culture and English cultures in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance; European influence on English literature from the Renaissance to early Romanticism; contemporary Anglophone literatures in a post-colonial perspective, and in a comparative and trans-national approach to the literatures of Europe and Italy, and the travelling cultures of the Black Atlantic; English as a language for intercultural communication, with special reference to text analysis of non-literary genres (academic, political, scientific), and the compilation and consultation of corpora for lexico-grammatical investigations and discourse analysis; contrastive linguistics; specialized and audio-visual translation from the perspective of intercultural communication; non-verbal, multi-modal and multi-media communication; second/foreign language teaching

Anglo-Germanic Languages, literatures and cultures – in particular: History of German literature; literary criticism; Jewish Studies; reception of literature; Relationships between psychoanalysis and literature and political knowledge in the early modern era; contemporary Dutch literature


Contact: prof. Annalisa Oboe  annalisa.oboe@unipd.it