Italian studies

Italian studies, comparative literature, linguistics and Italian philology – in particular: Latin, medieval and Dantesque philology, Renaissance studies, Tasso studies;literature of drama, literature of the Enlightenment and the proto-Romantic period (including critical and philological research on Alfieri and Cesarotti), the 19th century (Leopardi, Nievo, the national literary production), the contemporary age (fiction, non-fiction, poetry in the post-modern and mutation age), comparative literature studies, theory and criticism of literature (geo-criticism and representation of space in the contemporary age, gender studies, psycho-analytic hermeneutics and inter-cultural studies); history of Italian literature; literary criticism; Philology, history of Italian language, stylistics, and metrics, from the origins to the present, with a focus on: rhetorical tropes and schemes, literary genres; translation theory and history of translation, “mirror” manifestations in the local dialect literature, especially in the Veneto region (from Ruzante and the pavano dialet to Calmo, Goldoni, and contemporary Italian poetry), Italian linguistics (with a focus on languages for specific purposes and the language of politics), the teaching of Italian as an L2


Contact: prof. Guido Baldassarri