Romance philologies, languages and literatures

Middle-Latin and Romance philologies and literatures – in particular: history of medieval Latin literature (up to the 14th century), medieval Romance languages and literatures (with a focus on the lyrical tradition in a comparative European perspective, the ancient novel, short narrative, odeporic literature, etc.); in all its language varieties (Galician, Portuguese, Occitan, old French, Italian vulgar language, Franco-Venetian, etc.), ecdotics (theory and practice), medieval metrics and rethoric, history of the discipline; modern and contemporary Galician literatures (the Galician study center focuses mostly on translation); Portuguese (research on literary movements, lexicographic issues, also in the Brazilian context), and Romanian (the relationship with national identity, the development of the literary language, etc.)

Spanish and Latin-American languages, literatures and cultures – in particular: the Spanish novel between the 19th and the 20th century; the literature of the Spanish civil war and of the Republican exile; avant-garde poetry (especially Surrealism); literary and film culture of the post-Franco period; the relationship between the great Spanish-American novel of the ‘60s and contemporary (in the strictest sense) narrative styles; literary translation (into Italian: colonial and post-colonial literature, Cervantes, the picaresque novel; into Spanish: Machiavelli and Beccaria); variationist linguistics from a synchronic and diachronic perspective; contrastive grammar and grammatical historiography; historical lexicography; text philology and translation analysis, especially the issues of the critical edition of multilingual metalinguistic repertoires and of early translations

French language, literature and culture – in particular: the late Middle Ages; literature of the Reformation and the 16th century; important literary figures of the 19th century (Chateaubriand and Baudelaire); contemporary French and francophone literature (especially Proust); the fable in the 16th century; poetry spanning the19th and 20th centuries; Surrealism; book circulation between France and Italy; stylistics of the literary text; Text linguistics and pragmatics applied to literary texts; linguistics of the French verb; languages for specific purposes; terminology


Contact: prof. Anna Bettoni