Formed in 2011 as a result of the merger of four different departments ¬  ̶, namely, the Department of Linguistics, Communication Studies and Performing Arts; the Department of Italian Studies; the Department of Anglo-Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures; and the Department of Romance Studies, the Department of Linguistic and Literary Studies (DiSLL) reflects and recasts the academic heritage, the resarch traditions and directions of its predecessors in a successful attempt to embrace the future while honouring the past. Notably, it was by incorporating the substantial historical holdings of the pre-existing departments that one of the most important Italian libraries for philological, linguistic and literary studies was created.

DiSLL covers a broad spectrum of subject areas pertaining to the study and teaching of the following disciplines:

  • Historical and General Linguistics,
  • Italian Studies,
  • Italian Philology and Comparative Literature,
  • Theory and Anthropology of Literary Texts,
  • Linguistics and History of the Italian Language,
  • Mediaeval and Humanistic Latin Literature,
  • Romance Philology, Languages and Literatures (French, Galician, European and Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Castilian and Latin American Spanish),
  • Germanic Philology, Languages and Literatures (American, English, German),
  • Slavic Philology, Languages and Literatures (Czech and Slovak, Polish, Russian, Serbian and Croatian, Slovenian),
  • Hungarian Philology, Language and Literature
  • Greek Language and Literature
  • Byzantine Philology
  • Music
  • Drama and Theatre Studies
  • History of Cinema
  • Film Studies
  • Performing Arts.